Spy software – best opportunity to preserve cyber safety for your family

What is the main purpose of monitoring software?

Nowadays huge amount of personal and business related information is stored on our mobile devices. Cell phones are our irreplaceable means of communication with the world.  They can substitute PCs as also store documents, pictures, videos, etc.

A lot of sensible, confidential data is shared via messages or chats. Teenagers can’t imagine their lives without Viber, Skype, WhatsApp chats. Innocent at first sight they can cause troubles if not monitored by responsible adults.
Today parents choose using monitoring apps to control their children’s online activity and set necessary boundaries. Available online keylogger software requires no special skills, therefore every parent is totally capable downloading and installing it without professional assistance. But what actually these hacking apps are capable for?

It is required creating personal online account , downloading and installing chosen spyware on a target phone  and after you will be granted with an access to such popular among young adults apps as Snapchat, Viber and have other options as:

  • Monitoring incoming, sent, deleted text messages along with mms and iMessages;
  • Access to email accounts: looking through received and sent emails, attached files;
  • Keylogging;
  • Access to phone’s camera: made, downloaded, stored, received multimedia is available for you from now on 24/7 from any place;
  • Track GPS location on real time;
  • Listening to surrounding environment via phone’s microphone;
  • Look through internet search history, made bookmarks;
  • Intercept messages sent by means of Skype, Facebook, etc. Monitor shared files;
  • Listening to made calls or video chats performed via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp;
  • Access to contact book, notes, calendar events, reminders and many other features.

Who may find spy apps useful?

Remote control over target device can be performed from any place 24/7 and may be invaluable in various fields. Usually spy software is used in personal as well as business-related cases by:

  • Worried parents, who want to monitor their children’s web activity;
  • Jealous partners, who may suspect an affair;
  • By office staff if there is a suspicion that someone may be selling secrets to third parties, or employees can be monitored while in business trips, etc.

Parental control

Today various  spy apps are of great demand and  usually used by concerned parents who worry over excessive use of mobile phones, tabs by children 24/7 and concerned by complete access to the Internet.Trying to monitor children’s online activity parents download and install spy software on their gadgets preventing inappropriate data access.

Spy apps are real saviors in this situation as installing one on kids’ cells parents can be sure of their safety as well as be aware of their exact location – making sure they are not skipping classes. Having complete access to target phones or other devices parents can look through web browsing history as well as personal pages in popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as today every teenager has own personal profile and is free communicating with anyone in the world. Millions of messages, snaps are sent every minute by means of chat services and by means of monitoring software parents have access to shared data and able taking measures if the situation goes too far. Moreover, parents are capable looking through such apps as Snapchat, Viber, etc. monitoring information flow their children are facing.

Monitoring apps are useful assets in controlling your children’s activity and providing safety for your family.

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