Means to control your child’s activities online

Use keylogger software for your child’s personal computer activities

No matter whether you have a young kid or a teenager, they are all using Internet even more frequently than their parents without even acknowledging the dangers that might face there at any time.

That is why ensuring children’s safety using controlling their activities on their personal
computers, and laptops should be of the highest priority to their parents.

How can one control kids’ PCs and laptops?

There are plenty of options for parents that want to control what their children do and see on their laptops. And no wonder considering the number of dangers they can face online. That is why developers are coming up with new technologies that will help parents in their effort to protect their children.

Keylogger software is one the solutions, and we believe that it deserves being called one of the best ones given a broad range of features it offers.

Let’s explore the features of this software to gain a better understanding of how you can apply it to your life.

Tracking app’s features to control your child’s computer

  1. We all know how contagious video games can get and how much time teens, that are supposed to study, spend conquering empires online. That is what you need this app for. One of its features allows you to control child’s activity on the computer. It helps you keep track of how much time your kid spends playing games. It all helps you see for how long your children used different applications installed on a laptop. This feature is still being developed, yet they promise to grant access to it very soon.
  2. You can locate your child using just his webcam. Without even knowing it, your child will be watched by you at any given time, as the program will take pictures of your kids’ surroundings with a built-in camera.
  3. Apart from taking pictures using the webcam, you can also change settings to take screenshots for you once in a while. This will provide you with an opportunity to see what is happening on your kids’ screen, what movies one is watching and what apps are open and active at the time being.
  4. Even more, than features mentioned above, you will love an opportunity to read messages your kid sends in Skype. On top of that, you will also be able to record the conversations and listen to them at any time. You can also opt for checking the time he spent talking to a contact as well as a full list of his contacts.
  5. Finally, you can use this software to track child’s browsing history and even read his messages sent to Facebook.

As you see, with this app you will have all the access a loving parent needs to ensure child’s safety online. All these features can be customized, and you don’t have to use all of them together. So, pick the ones you consider vital and essential and enjoy the luxury of having no reasons to worry about activities he is involved into.

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