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Parental control

Our modern society is quite dangerous for young adults especially if you are living in a big city with all its temptations. The level of technological development allows children surf the net at any time from any device. Nowadays children are tech- savvy and don’t require parents to explain how gadgets operate. It is as if they were born with these skills.

It is getting harder each year controlling children’s online activity. Unfortunately, along with educational and entertaining options online reality brings a lot of inappropriate for young children information.

Unworthy or inappropriate materials can be easily blocked at home PC. But what about smartphones, tabs, other gadgets that can be easily carried to school? In this case parents are advised using special spy apps that are installed on a target device in order to control kids’ online activity.

How it works?

Parental control is a tricky thing: from one hand you have the right to know about your child’s activities and form the other hand – parents are trying to avoid asking awkward questions not to worsen relationship. Is there a way to keep your child safe without ruining the trust?

Surveillance software is the perfect solution. It gives an opportunity to monitor your children 24/7 in real time adding or removing restrictions if it’s appropriate.

You don’t have to be a super proficient PC user or undergo professional training to be able managing installation process. All parents have to do is borrowing kids’ cell.

First thing one has to do is choose most suitable software and create personal online account providing email along with password. The next step is preparing the device. It means that one has to download and install software from online account to a target device. Please note, that sometimes it is possible to track few devices. Target device, which you are planning to hack, must have internet connection in order to send gathered information for your monitoring. There are also various requirements for Android, Mac, and Windows and before starting the procedure – read them carefully.

After the spy software has been installed on a target device you are free to start monitoring process.

Benefits of using spy apps

Keylogger software runs in a stealth mode, meaning that your child won’t be able recognizing anything suspicious, except he will be looking for spy apps deliberately. Parents are able setting limits, alerts, adjust reporting functions, blocking specified apps or websites, it is even possible to block messaging with particular people. Restricted access to the internet will ensure that your child won’t be having access to an unsuitable websites.

Spy software gives parents access to tracking and viewing communication performed from the target device. Moreover, it is possible monitoring phone calls – incoming and outgoing, listen to recorded conversations, reading texts (even deleted), viewing MMS. Chat apps like Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp are as well available for parental control.

Any reliable software operates great with Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Monitoring software is a reliable assistant when it comes to providing additional security level for your loved ones.

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