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Personal safety control

Parental control

Our modern society is quite dangerous for young adults especially if you are living in a big city with all its temptations. The level of technological development allows children surf the net at any time from any device. Nowadays children are tech- savvy and don’t require parents to explain how gadgets operate. It is as if they were born with these skills.

It is getting harder each year controlling children’s online activity. Unfortunately, along with educational and entertaining options online reality brings a lot of inappropriate for young children information.

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Keylogger software as expression of feelings and our care

Keylogger software is a necessary factor in everyday life

Our children mean everything to us. We want to control and know everything about how to educate and protect them, how to communicate with them, what’s going on in their lives at different stages of maturity.

Every parent has their own views on the education of children. And there is something that is common for all parents – the necessity to protect and guide their children on the right way.

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